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1.00 casino chip rich casino no deposit bonus If for some reason you are unhappy with your order, let me know right away, I do my best to make everyone happy!

This is a discussion on How many chips should i buy for cash home game? Cihp many chips should i 1.00 casino chip for cash home game? Hey guys just curious as to how many chips i should buy for a cash home game. The game will typically be handed. And if yoh guys have a recommendation for which chips to purchase please let me know.

I prefer relatively simple color chips. By the way i am looking for casino grade clay chips. That depends on your guys' bankroll more than cgip. Unless you're in Vegas and friends with Negreanu, 1 and 5 will do just chip. I prefer ceramic to clay but they have both. Well we will be playing. Im cnip for a. Maybe 1.00 casino thinking two much, but the way the backroom game runs with inly two chip got me thinking.

I enjoy doing things right the first time. Basically, is it pointles for a home game to hse more than 2 denoms or is three the percect amount and what would you cqsino for the stake we will be playing. I appreciate the responses guys. What do you guys think of clay coon 1.0 lay poker chips as opposed to all clay? Originally Posted cip Tmor. Wvhillbiy, how royal palace casino huntington of each denom if i went with those three do you think would be good?

Also how much would it cost roughly for a set like cbip thats customized in pieces? TBH, I tried to get more dollars on the table, often giving an extra stack 20 dollars to get on the table. If I wanted lots of chips, planned to keep chips on hand, had a big enough table to handle big stacks etc I think you'll be good with quarters on the table to start, and dollar chips should make for enough chips not to worry about making change.

There are generally guys who will run out of small chips all the time, regardless of starting stacks. Maybe a couple of players who like to hoard the small chips as well. Originally Posted by WVHillbilly. Depends on the number of players you want to cover and the usual buy-in for your game. I got my chips about 6 years ago and got a great deal at the time of. Not sure what they would run you today.

You can probably find out the going rates over at http: I appreciate everything everyone has said but especially you hillbilly. I know i can always buy more but it feels good when things go smooth as butter initially.

Im thinking quarters, one's, five's Which will bring me to How would that work? Let me know if you think that works and thanks a bunch. PS my apologies i think i earlier meant to put ykur post on another site because i liked it and wanted to see what people said about your opinion. Are you guys a fan of coin inlay chips or regular clay chips? I do not like the Coin in Center CiC chip designs. I actually prefer a lighter 10g chip like most casino chips.

Most cheaper chips you buy will try to sell you with a heavier is better line. I don't like the feel or the sound of most of those type chips. I will repeat, get samples before you commit to buying chips! I like the chip choice. Just a basic, classic look. Edge spot variation argosy casino employment be nice but for a relatively inexpensive clay chip they're very nice.

For your typical game either will be fine but I think I'd rather have more 1s than 5s. Can't wait to see some chip porn on that new table. It depends a lot of your friendsif they will accept the value of the chips and if they vasino have the buy- in of the chips in play time. I have a suitcase with chips and playing and so onwhen I play with some friends who do not have the buy-in necessary I change the value of the chipsthe worth 1 are worth 0.

I always want to sit down with the maximum amount of chips I can. I start usually with bb. Originally Posted by MrPink Originally Posted by kapobar. I have a friend who has ceramic chips, and never exceeded the chips, usually played in eight players to play and not getting rich, just have a good time between friends hehehehehe.

CardsChat is an online poker community ofmembers in countries. Why more thanpoker players have joined CardsChat Quickly improve 1.00 casino chip game. Learn from online pros. Join more thanactive members on our forum. There is a place in my town that. Originally Posted 1.00 casino chip Tmor Well we will be playing.

Originally Posted by Tmor What do you guys think of clay coon in lay poker chips as opposed to all clay? Originally Posted by Tmor Thanks guys. Originally Posted by WVHillbilly Depends on the number of players casinoo want to cover and the usual buy-in for your game.

Originally Posted by Tmor Sounds great man. Originally Posted by kapobar Casino prince george bc start usually with bb.

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